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The maXim series of consoles has been designed to satisfy the more demanding operator

LSC Maxim L 36/72

  • Single preset and two preset fader operation
  • Fully proportional Softpatch out to 512 (1,024) output channels
  • 25 x 7 dot matrix LED display shows scrolled messages for effective reporting
  • Electronic labelling function for naming Scene, Chase, Stack and steps of Stacks
  • Stack playback master and effects buttons for full control of sequences
  • Up to 500 steps of a Stack can be recorded with true dipless cross-fade
  • Each step of a Stack can be recorded as a Scene, Chase, Channel or a Snapshot of the output
  • Steps of a Stack can be linked automatically
  • Individual In (Up) and Out (Down) fade times, programmable for every Scene and step of a Stack
  • Up to 250 steps of a Chase can be recorded as Channels, Scenes or a Snapshot of the output
  • Scenes and Chases can run concurrently on the lower bank of preset faders
  • Nine pages of nonvolatile memory for Submasters on MAX/L and MAX/XL models
  • Multi-page SGVA colour video output displaying desk status, memories, patches and help menus
  • Edit facilities include fade and speed times, channel levels, add/remove of steps/patch allocations
  • Power brownout protection
  • Software upgradeable via USB flash disk
  • CE (European) and RCM (Australian) approved
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by LSC – an Australian-owned company with over 30 years' experience in developing world-first products