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With a mere 469 LEDs distributed over 7 circular panels in 4 colors, the Lumicraft LumiZIP-7 sends tunnels of sharp colored beams through its precision Fresnel lens into the room and takes one of the most popular LED lighting effects one level further, with additional white allowing for some more dramatic effects, especially in strobe mode

Lumicraft Lumizip LED

  • 469 ultra-bright LEDs (175 Red, 70 Green, 133 Blue, 91 White)
  • Panel arrangement in 7 clusters with 67 LEDs each (15 Red, 10 Green, 19 Blue, 13 White)
  • All 4 colors in each cluster separately controlled
  • Optical PMMA-grade Fresnel lens for superb area coverage
  • Five operation modes: Automatic (internal 120BPM clock), Sound-to-Light (through in-built microphone), Slave (synch and asynch), 3-channel DMX and 1-Channel DMX mode. Unit acts as Master in Automatic and S2L mode, generating DMX signals for connected slaves.
  • Offset of 1/2/3/4 Beats is selectable for the slave vs. the master if slave is in asynch mode.
  • 1-channel DMX mode for easy on/off functionality and most common settings via DMX
  • 3-channel DMX mode with access to 144 pictures, 99 patterns, 10 sequences, S2L and strobe
  • Easy-to-operate user interface with 3 buttons and LED display
  • Road-proof metal case with sturdy bracket