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NEXO NX242 TDcontroller is an advanced, proprietary digital processor that maintains exceptional performance and reliability in GEO, Alpha and PS loudspeaker systems and associated Sub-basses.

Nexo NX242 Processor

  • Precision circuits engineered for NEXO loudspeakers permit increased sound pressure and operational reliability
  • Integral loudspeaker management for all NEXO systems, providing crossover, driver protection and system alignment
  • DSP fully integrated with GEO, PS Series, AlphaE Series and Alpha System
  • User configurable inter-channel gain, delay and array EQ
  • Highest quality audio performance, 24bit data with 48bit accumulator; 100MIPS
  • 2x audio inputs, 4x audio outputs and 4x sense-inputs enable a single NX242 to easily manage multiple NEXO loudspeakers within each product range
  • Comprehensive 16x2 character backlit LCD display, indicators and controls
  • UL Certification: UL60065 Seventh Edition, dated June 30, 2003 category AZSQ, E241312
  • CB test certificate DK-8371 based on IEC60065- 2001 7nd-ed. with all national deviations